It’s that Time of Year Again


You didn’t think you’d get through this year without this beautiful tradition would you?  Well if you did, you were dead wrong. This tradition goes all the way back to the beginning. Although, back then it was posted in an off month, probably cause that’s when I stumbled to it.  But since then, it’s moved … Continued

Jump off a Building


Theoretically, this looks like fun, realistically, it’s ridiculously stupid and dangerous. Here’s the episode, you can watch it in it’s entirety on YouTube, isn’t that great?!  Be warned though, it’s alittle gory at some parts.   Full disclosure, when I saw the initial gif above, I wanted to do it, after watching the video and … Continued



Come on, this is buy steroids with credit card a Christmas Tradition around these parts.  You didn’t think you could get away with not seeing it this year could you? Well you’d be wrong.  And what better time to post it then at 12 minutes past the 12th hour, on the 12 day, of the … Continued

Trike Drifting


Seriously? It looks fun, for a few minutes, then it just looks like a dangerous way to loose your foot. That’s my 2 cents anyway, enjoy the video.

Some people are Awesome


And clearly I’m not talking about the girl that left that voice mail, but rather, the theater manager/owner who decided to use that voice mail, unedited (I assume) as the “Don’t use your cell phone in my theater” PSA at the start of each flim. The theater owner/manager should get an award or something.  And … Continued

Do you know my buddy Samuel?


He’s got a Razor Scooter. Or just watch this guy draw Drake outta salt.  Kinda crazy, like this spray paint artist too actually: Some people just have crazy talent. Oh, and btwz, this title, curtsey of Ben Schwartz

The Pocket Chair!


This guy is no Billy Mays, or Vince Offer, in fact, I don’t really like him too much at all, but this line makes it: Load up a drawer for a Pocket Chair Party!!!!!1!!11 That’s all you need to know about that video in case you didn’t watch it.



You know what the best thing about concepts is, how ridiculous they are.  I like to place bets as to when an individual concept will make it from the Photoshop render, to a prototype, to a working prototype, to a consumer product.  So far, exactly one thing has made it to the end, and I … Continued

Stupid Russians


Let me be perfectly honest, I have nothing against Russians, it’s Communists I hate, but watching what they did there, come on, that’s ridiculous.  I wouldn’t even think of doing that.  Anyway, don’t do that, it’s dumb, but watch them do it, cause it’s funny, afterall, what is the point of the internet but to … Continued