Drone Racing


Drone Racing is a thing.  I’ve posted about it before, I can’t remember though if I posted about the Drone Racing League (DRL), I think I did.  It’s a cool thing to watch the highlights and edited videos of.  I’m not sure if I would watch a live race.  ESPN however is hoping differently.  On … Continued

Magnet Fishing


Did you know of this “sport”  I never heard of it until I stumbled upon this imgur album.  Basically, people attach a strong magnet to a rope and throw it into rivers and bodies of water hoping to find sunken treasure, or murder weapons, or un-exploded ordinance.  In reality, all they seem to find is … Continued

Dentist Golf Marble Run


Dentist Vic Chaney has created a masterpiece of a marble run based on everyone’s favorite “sport” golf.  It’s pretty simple, except for the golfers that stop the flow of the ball through the track.  But I kind of like that element to it, it breaks it up and is something you don’t see every day … Continued

Human Foosball


http://steve.deadlycomputer.com/pictures/blog/foosball.webm The amount of time spent building this game is impressive.  The re-usability of it is questionable.  Especially since it seems like these people are as good as human sized Foosball as the average person is a normal Foosball.  I will hand it to them though, this was a cool idea that I’ve never seen … Continued