Alternate History Thursday: Rosenberg, H-Bomb


Sugar Ray, Panmunjom, Brando, The King and I, and the The Catcher in the Rye.  Those are the words to 3rd block of years in Billy Joel’s classic We Didn’t Start The Fire.  I don’t care what you think, this is a great song, and so I’m embedding the video below, watch it, watch it … Continued



It’s Life Jim, but not as we know it.  Now I hope you have this song stuck in your head.  Anyway, James Tyrwhitt-Drake, who runs this pretty neat tumblr, Infinity Imagined, has put together a gif of an electron microscope as it zooms in on some bacteria on some algae on a super tiny crustacean … Continued

The Flying V


wazzzzah, has provided us with probably the 2nd greatest user made movie song ever.  (Sorry, nothing will ever beat Die Hard).  I don’t really remember D3 too much, so I can’t speak to what the singer claims, but I’ll take it on faith that he’s correct.

Die Hard – The Music Video


This video is officially the greatest internet video of all time.  Better then The Void, or The Void II, Charlie the Unicorn, that elephant video from last week, Rap Chop, ALL the pokemon.  Everyone.  This is the greatest internet video ever.  It will never be topped, cost viagra cialis it can only be equaled. What … Continued

Internet Music again


Here’s some more internet music gems that I’ve put together.  Unlike the last one, there are actually some good songs on here, they’re just more fun to watch then they should be.   So sit back, relax and hopefully your ears wont bleed too much.   I’m opening up to Katy Perry, the more I hear … Continued

The Shop-Vac song


I like kinetic typography, so it stands to reason that I love the above video.  The song itself is fun, but the way the words fly around make it better.  I’ve seen my fair share of horrible kinetic typography videos, but this one is excellent, up there with the V for Vendetta speech.

The King of Stumbles


Partly because of the first picture below, and partly because I am in love with Sara Bareilles’ song King of Anything which I am embedding below because I can. I think you will find that video excellent, and if you don’t whatever.  Anyway, below you will find the standard fare of awesome and wrong internet … Continued

Under Pressure, of being Homeless


Find this person and give him money, because he deserves it. Also, if there are any other videos of him around, tell me about them, because I really want to see one where he does “I Would Do Anything For Love” with Kermit and Ms. Piggy.

Bad songs made Listenable because of the Internet


Ah internet, you never cease to amaze me do you.  This video is strange to say the least, and scary to say the best.  I don’t like Lady Gaga, but I enjoy this video the same way I like the other videos in this post.  Me and Chris have scoured the web for the best … Continued