I do Nothing


For a period of 15 years starting in 1948 Lawrence Wahlstrom, the retired clock maker and by all means armature engineer, added many gears to a old WW2 bomb sight.  The actual number of gears is unknown, he stopped counting, or lost count, or both.  It’s over 700 though. What do all these gears do?

Trick Cutlery


This Instructable will show you how to make your own Gallium Spoon.  Unlike the trick spoons from the movies, this won’t form back into a spoon when you take it out of the water, or soup.  Also, I’d make sure you have lots of extra soup, because while gallium might be non-toxic, I don’t think … Continued

Who Built America


I might be 4 years past due here, but this series has been extremely fun to watch. It’s also been a learning experience.  You know, back to the basics of The History Channel.  Before it turned into shitty reality TV and half-baked conspiracy theories. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good conspiracy theory, and … Continued

The Space Station


You really do want to spend the next 18 minutes watching this video, you will thank me. I got two things out this tour. 1). There are flashlights everywhere.  I guess it makes some sense, it still seems excessive. 2). It’s more cluttered than a teenager’s bedroom.  And I’m sure like every teenager, they moved … Continued

Hyperloop Test


When Elon Musk debuted his Hyperloop idea 3 years ago it was impressive.  He shared the technology with the world to challenge everyone to make this dream a reality.  Now we’re getting companies to start building the prototype.  Hyperloop One and BIG are teaming up for to build a track in, you guessed it, Dubai. … Continued

Making an Engine


The above video should be watched with a grain of salt and an hair of irony given the latest VW settlement.  Oh, did you not know that?  VW cheated on the emissions last year.  It was all over the news, their stock lost 30% of it’s value.  Pretty crazy times.  Did you also know that I own … Continued

Planet Earth II


I never saw the first one, but this looks good.  I’m pretty amazed at some of the footage they were able to capture.  Either they had drones, or super high resolution cameras and then cropped it in very far.  It looks like a good couple of hours to waste when it premiers sometime this year … Continued

New Moon


The above video shows a really neat interactive art installation made of welded steel, light bulbs, and LEDs.  The purpose is to allow people to see all the phases of the moon at once.  Turning the knob below the moon turns a mirror inside the light bulb moon which in turn changes the shadow effect … Continued

Disappearing Lake


Unfortunately this isn’t just a magic act.  The above video shows the disappearance of the the once great Aral Sea in Kazakhstan.  This is a completely man-made “phenomenon” when the Soviets diverted water that fed into the lake for irrigation of crops.  Over time naturally, humans got greedy and wanted more water until eventually one of … Continued



This is the type of technology I want to see, fist-person view on a real life remote controlled car, not some lame thing on a track, 100% in your face, you control it, remote controlled car driving where ever you please at scaled speeds approaching 100mph.  This is the future my friends, where can I buy … Continued