Russia != Olympics


Earlier this week the International Olympic Committee decided to ban Russia from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.  This is sad news for a variety of reasons. None of them will come off as good, or nice, but it’s terrible to make the entire group of athletes pay for the sins of a few.  … Continued

Disappearing Lake


Unfortunately this isn’t just a magic act.  The above video shows the disappearance of the the once great Aral Sea in Kazakhstan.  This is a completely man-made “phenomenon” when the Soviets diverted water that fed into the lake for irrigation of crops.  Over time naturally, humans got greedy and wanted more water until eventually one of … Continued

2017’s Best Superhero Movie


It’s not often that you see superhero movies based out of other nations.  Maybe it’s just the US-centric view that most of us live.  But next year, there’s this beauty above.  It’s name is Guardians, about a group of people presumably taken at a young age and had DNA modifications performed on them to make … Continued

More Uses for Soda


People in Russia have got to be really bored.  They are also not worried about whatever danger can happen to while they come up with their strange every day experiments.  Here is a video that shows another use you can do with a bottle of soda, and some liquefied petroleum gas: Apparently, according to the … Continued

Soviet Bear Will Fix You


As a general rule of thumb, I hate Communists.  Any and all, they are the sworn enemy of all that is Good and Free and American.  However, a particular unique student, or students have started their own campaign for Student Council elections.  It’s hard to tell how serious the whole campaign is, but it’s pretty … Continued

Europeans Hate Each Other


Watch as 1000 years of European borders change (timelapse map) from Nick Mironenko on Vimeo. Europe prides itself with its multi-thousand year history.  They laugh at Americans when we say our neighborhood is old at 100 years, they have special rocks that can reliably be traced back a few thousand years.  However, they hate each … Continued

Alternate History Thursday – Food


One of the rare actual Thursday additions of Alternate History.  Oh well. Anyway, the above is the storefront of an actual restaurant in current day America.  That’s right, this restaurant, which goes by the name of “Conflict Kitchen,” only serves the food of enemies of America.  Every couple of months they change the menu to … Continued

In Soviet Russia Cats are still Cool


I don’t like circus’ they’re just weird.  That being said, I’d deffiently go to one of these, look how much fun that seems.  Plus, Russians.  And not commie buy generic drugs online Russians either, the good kind, normal, crazy Russians. {reddit}

360 Degrees of Volcanic Awe


Do yourself a favor and watch this video.  Yes, that is a 360 degree panoramic video, of 4 different volcano erupting at the same time on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.  I am in awe at the fact that this is a 360 video.  It’s so smooth. And this was taken from a moving helicopter!  How come this is the … Continued

The SnowMAN


That’s a snowman to be proud of.  Some Poles built a 31 foot tall snow giant.  Complete with a barrel for a hat, and a traffic cone for a nose.  No word on what the buttons are made of, but I bet it’s something eccentric.  That looks like half a tree for the arm too. … Continued