Pure Photos


Photographer Robin de Puy teamed up with Spa, and spent 6 months developing the technique to take photographs through a drop of water.  It’s quite something to be honest, though it’s wildly impractical.  In order to get it working, they had to use a Teflon coated glass plate, an electrical current, and mirrors.  It’s all … Continued

Happy Birthday to Me


This is one of my favorite photos from my most recent National Parks Trip – Joshua Tree NP.  I also really do like this night shot: That’s really all I have to say, Happy Birthday to me. What say you?

Voyageurs Northern Lights


In 8K! Well, if you can even render 8K on your puny monitor that is.  This was taken up in Voyageurs National Park, way up in northern Minnesota, like, way up there on the border of Canada.  It’s not a place that’s easy to get to as much of the park consists of lakes and rivers, … Continued

The Photo’s Rise


For over 150 years The New York Times has been the pre-emetitive news paper of the United States.  Yes, in recent times it has started to lean more towards the left, but it still presents mostly all sides of a story.  I won’t get into the politics of the paper, that’s not worth the effort. … Continued

HD B&W Storms


Black and White is an often overlooked area of photography.  Especially when time-lapse storm footage is done.  There’s something about shooting in black and white that gives everything a more mysterious, serious, yet fantasy look.  Mike Olbinski shot the entire sequence in black and white.  Yes, there is some post-processing work done, but it’s natural black … Continued

360° DSLR


You know that I love 360° video and photo.  I think it’s the next big thing in the world of photography.  Up until now the only way to get really high quality content was to attach multiple cameras together in rigs and stitch the resulting footage after the fact.  That’s all changing now.  Sphere is … Continued

Star Struck


If you want a neat DIY lens filter for your camera you can up-cycle an old clear CD case cover.  Using a sharp edged item, scratch some lines onto the plastic.  Points of light will show up as sun stars now.  It’s pretty neat, isn’t it?  Just in time for the Christmas season when you … Continued

Niagara Falls


It’s pretty beautiful here at #niagarafallscanada Just a bit chilly though. Really neat lights illy mating the falls. ——————– #waterfall #waterfalls #niagarafalls #niagarafallsontario #canada #lights #night #beauty #vacation #roadtrip A photo posted by Stephen G (@lord.xeon) on Nov 19, 2016 at 4:10pm PST I don’t have all of my photos yet, Chicago => New York … Continued

This isn’t Necessary


Marketing people never stop amazing you do they.  The those from Coca-Cola Israel released a short lived marketing gimmick camera that attaches to the bottom of a standard Coca-Cola bottle.  It takes a photo whenever it detects a change in tilt of at least 70°.  That photo is a selfie.  It’s interesting, but as I … Continued