Drawing a Dreamliner


Here you can watch as the 737 MAX 9 and the 787-10 are flown in a synchronized aerial ballet that is one of a kind.  On the ground each of these planes is large, but when you see them flying next to each other that close in the air you can really appreciate the massive … Continued

Google’s New Image Search


Why it sucks. You may have not known, but just recently Google launched a new format for their Image Search. For those that can’t see it, here it is: As of right now, it seems like it’s only available though the use of Google Chrome, because as of right now, Firefox produces the same old … Continued

New Theme!!!1@@1!!


Look at the awesome new theme I made. This is part of the reason why posts have been slow the month of May.  I’ve been slowly and steadily working on this new and amazing theme. (And doing some actual work for some other people too)  But now that it’s out lets take it for a … Continued

Browser Pong


This game of Pong is different.  Instead of other browser games, which would open up in a little frame on a webpage, this game is played with browser windows themselves.  I love it.  At least from a web developer’s point of view like mine it’s very nice.  They use jQuery, to control everything, and it … Continued