You can watch this 1 hour video on the research that proposes there are/were living things in ancient Martian lakes.  I watched/listened to some of it.  It’s interesting, but I don’t have the time to dedicate to it’s entirety.  Unlike some of the scientific videos, this one is interesting, and the presenters know how to … Continued

Alternate History Thursday: Times Square


With just days to go before the new year, the world was on it’s toes.  The City of New York was already on lockdown, Streets were closed, screens were being erected, and just as many people were leaving the city as were entering it.  The festivities were reaching a fever pitch as celebrities were slowly … Continued

Alternate History Thursday: Broadway


It is the year 1999, the world is struggling to come up with a solution to the Y2k bug.  Similar to how speculation was in our existing reality, there were contrasting theories as to just how widespread the potential damage would be.  Exactly like our world, doomsdayers were preparing for the worst  This included governments, … Continued

DIY Railgun


reddit user zebralemur has made the world’s most powerful civilian made electro-magnetic railgun.  A railgun for those who don’t know is a type of weapon that uses alternating electric currents to accelerate a slug to super speeds.  No explosion necessary.  It’s usually very powerful and very dangerous.  But also very difficult, and very dangerous to make. … Continued

Talons of Justice


That’s Bryan Wilson, The Texas Law Hawk.  Due Process? Do Wheelies? It doesn’t matter what you think, this guy is the true thing.

5 Years of The Sun


The sun is a pretty large object, but it’s also pretty far away, and pretty crazy bright.  Because it’s bright though, it’s easy to see, but also hard, because it’s so bright you need special filters on any equipment you use.  Well, NASA, being the geniuses that they are, sent up a satellite to take … Continued

No Pay


  Ordinarily, something like this would make it into the next STUMBLES post, except who knows when that will be, and if the Government shutdown will still be around by then.  So instead I’ve decided to give it it’s own post.  Yay NOAA. If you want to see if for yourself, check out the actual … Continued

Dinosaur National Park


Everyone should sign this petition right now. For those who can’t read, it says this: So come on internet, let’s buy propecia 5mg online uk try and make this real life Jurassic Park come true.  After all, what’s the worst that can happen?  As the never-wrong Hollywood has shown us in the past, hours of fun and … Continued

The 2010 Olympic Stumble Event!


Its time again for the best stumbles in the history of the internet.  These fine stumbled pictures are up there for humor, love, wrongness, Nazi, and cute.  Only one can take home the gold, and end the post.  That picture has the responsibility to hold off the other stumbles until i write the next one, … Continued

People Should Not Be Afraid of Their Governments


But, Governments should not be afraid of their people either.  There needs to be a balance between the two.  I’m not one to start a descussion about that, I’d rather have a hand made bunker under ground in the mountains somewhere, so that when the shit hits the fan, I can survive, and go on … Continued