Little Boy


It’s the marking of the turning point of world history.  The United States of America showed the world that the power of the atom was within their hands, and with one plane, and one bomb, the devastated the town of Hiroshima. This ultimatum unfortunately was not enough, and another bomb was necessary to end the … Continued

Alternate History Thursday – Judgement Day


In 1984 the world was first warned of this day. Kyle Reese told Sarah Connor all about it when he found her.  Together they managed to destroy the Terminator and hope that everything is ok. 11 years later two Terminators are again sent back to kill and protect.  We learn that Judgement Day is still … Continued

Submerged Town’s Return


The modestly sized Villa Epecuén was utterly destroyed in 1985 after a series of unusual weather events cause a a dam to burst and a dike to break putting the entire town under 33 feet of salt water.  Initially, the residents hoped it would be a temporary thing, and waited for the water to recede, within days … Continued

Hard water is Ice


Yes and no, and i don’t need any scientific reasons as to why I’m wrong/right.  Anyway, here are some awesome ice cube tray makers. I know someone who would like this, I think.  Buy them, $8.99. I think the name of this one is just great!  Not sure how well the fossils will stay together … Continued

Airplanes, the safest way to travel


If I was on that plane, I would freak out. If i was on any of these planes, or the airport, or seen any of it, I would freak out. That’s some good timing That’s sad, I like those planes All being said though, air travel still remains the safest form of transportation for us … Continued