The Hover Bike


Remember Colin Furze, he dug a bunker in his back yard for some reason.  Well here he has built a hover bike, curtesy of Ford It’s pretty cool, but it looks like it’s far to heavy to be useful.  Even with all the weight he cut off of it, it seems like it should still … Continued

The Gear Ring


I like that. It’s simple, yet complicated at the same time. I wonder how hard it is to break. Also, it’s gotta get filled with crap and gunk real easy over time I bet. How do you clean it? Thanks vic!

I love this Giant Treehouse


There’s something about a Treehouse that is just purely awesome.  What’s cooler then being above the ground suspended in a tree? (OK, maybe living underground protected by the earth).  I have a treehouse, its small and square and has a roof, but is still cool. This guy though, he takes the cake for the best … Continued

Social Mosaic


The concept is good, but the actual thing, not so much.  The idea is that you and others take multi-colored square things, and try and make a picture with them.  Its a neat idea, but if you try it out, you find that its nearly impossible to make something once you have random other people … Continued

Your own Custom Fonts


This is one of the coolest websites ever to be created.  Font Capture has a template that you print out, fill out, scan in, and from it, it will create a free font for you, based on your handwriting.  For the longest time I wanted to create my own fonts to use in designs, and … Continued



Like the name?  I was inspired by Xbox live names.  people think all those X’s are cool.  I see them and laugh, and then mute their 10yr old asses.  And then proceed to kick their asses.  Anyway, I felt that Stumbles 15 deserved a “cool name”  so I made it Roman Numeral, and added some … Continued

Guitair Table


Here’s a custom guitar table.  It looks nice, and can be added to the gallery of awesome custom coffee tables, but seeing as I’m not much of a musician, I wouldn’t get this table.  The table costs $750, which isn’t bad considering how much  mine was, and it looks nice, from the photos, it’s clear … Continued

Lovely Woodwork


From the same people who made the Marble Table, come the lovely woodwork joints above.  Ontwerpdup makes them, among some other cool ideas.  Although, my two favorites are the able, and those joints  And is it me, or does that little peice of dark wood in the middle look like a Tetris peice?

My Interactive LED Table


A few months ago I saw this Interactive LED Table on a bunch of blogs and instantly knew I must have my own. I contacted the people over at Evil Mad Scientist about their kits, and put in my order. That was in October, and I have been slowly building my table since then. Monday, … Continued