Stumble Dump


It’s been awhile since the last one of these.  And the name is a misnomer now, since 90% of these images came from reddit.  But you can’t change tradition, so we’re just gonna stick with the name we got right now and live with it.  I’m ok with it, are you? Anyway, since it’s Christmas … Continued

Empire State Building LEDs


So, apparently the Empire State Building upgraded the lights on their roof to be LEDs.  I have to say, that was an excellent choice.  I’ve always accepted the 3 different colors as simple fact and never requested more, usually when you do that complicates things.  But now that I’ve seen this I have to say … Continued

Nicolas Cage is Everyone


Well, not everyone, but alot bupropion of people.  So many people, from so many movies it’s kinda scary.  There’s some good edits, and some bad ones, some good mesh, and bad mesh, but all in all, Nicolas Cage works in many places.  He should be in more places.  Many more.

Commie Bugs from Mars


This my friends, is one of the strangest games, I have ever had the pleasure of playing on the internet.  Strange, but somewhat enjoyable, except the stupid text adventure part where I spent like a full day with it open trying to figure it out.  Frog Fractions, has some innovative parts to it.  But the stupid text … Continued



I’ve posted about her before, but according to her Video, today’s her birthday, prednisone vs hydrocodone plus, this is a spot on Jigglypuff impression.



The Freshmaker. I gotta say, this zithromax overnight shipping scene of Breaking Bad is so much better now that the above music has been set to it.  Mentos needs to cash in on this commercial, maybe even make a special color/flavor.  But I don’t think people will like chili powder flavor though.

I Heard you like Kranes…


So we put a crane on your crane, so you could lift while you lift. Chris was supposed to post this, but he sucks, so I’m posting it instead. That is all.  

Chopper Fan


I don’t really care too much about ceiling fans, or (fans in general), but I do like Aviation, and while Helicopters are cool, there’s just far, far too much negativity about them for me, honestly, I am never be able to not think of some sort of conspiracy whenever I see/hear helicopters flying overhead.  There … Continued

Book Guns


I’ve had my fair share of book mutilation posts, and to be honest, this latest one isn’t very in-depth by any means when you compare them to previous ones.  But I imagine it will cause nearly just as much controversy, if only because of the number of Bibles that are used. Here you can see … Continued