WRX vs. Stick Bomb


I’ve heard of stick bombs before, I’ve seen gifs of them and I know the theory of why they work, but damn this is impressive.  The model R/C car above holds it’s own against the sticks, but it’s hard to really tell, it being a model and all.  I wonder how many takes they went … Continued

3rd Person Driving


Technology is such an amazing thing now isn’t it?  Using head mounted goggles, not an Oculus Rift this time unfortunately, and a flying drone (I hate that word drone, it’s an RC helicopter that doesn’t cost $5k), a group of British people have put together their own drive a car from the rear view angle. … Continued

How to build an Engine


This started out as a simple idea.  Let me take pictures of this thing as I take it apart so that I know where to put everything back together.  Well, it looks like that worked pretty well.  The side project becomes turning the entire collection of 3,000 pictures into an awesome time-lapse video of taking … Continued

I Didn’t Steal this Car


    Nathan over at HAHA Bird has created probably the coolest car key ever.  He says he did it for practical purposes, I think he did it cause he wanted a legal excuse to jam a screwdriver into his ignition. Either way, he has a detailed description of the process that all in all, looks like … Continued

Parking Passes


Everyone has seen people who deserve these parking lesson slips on their cars.  Few people do anything about it, and it really doesnt matter because you’re bumper sticker you’ll affix to their car wont do anything but piss them off and make them feel like they have to live up to the (low) standards of … Continued

Pointlessly Expensive Cartoon


Or car commercial, but car commercials are already pointless, so that title would have been redundant and recursive. I applaud them for their creativity, and for doing it all in the real world, without a green screen.  It did take them a long time to set it all up, and get the right speed, but … Continued

Stumbles I lost count


Another heaping helping of wrongness courtesy of everyone’s favorite add on, Stumble Upon.  We got memes, gifs, Nazis, and more, all for your viewing pleasure, all right after the click.  Play a game of scrabble, hop on a plane to Australia, and remember, you are getting all of this information through the internet, what is … Continued

The Olympics


The Olympics are over, man, was that a good 17 days.  The Winter Olympics are really the one sport I love to watch. Every sport in it.  I watched almost every event.  Yes that includes curling, which I watched every (women’s) match.  There were some good ones, and some sad ones, but the Gold Medal … Continued

Grand Theft Auto – Google City


Well, it’s not really Grand Theft Auto, it’s more like, drive around Google Maps in a cartoon car/bus/truck.  Unlike a real video game, there are no boundaries, and you can drive over water, cars, buildings, and anything with no damage/resistance.  Once you get over the fact that you have a little sprite that you’re controlling, … Continued