Happy Birthday Bruce


The almighty Bruce Willis was born 62 years ago today. There’s not much else to say about it.  

Happy Birthday NPS!


100 years ago Congress created the National Park Service to oversee management and protection of the various lands that were quickly being protected by presidents and Congress.  I’m not finished visiting every park yet, there’s still 30ish left for me to get to, but I’m making a dent in the list, and that’s what matters … Continued



I was going to make a Brexit joke, but that’s overdone, so instead, here’s some pictures of Fireworks.



On a cold spring day in April, Adolf Hitler was born.  Or at least that’s the official story.  You know the saying, if you went back in time to kill Hitler as a child, you wouldn’t really be killing him.  The mid-wife/nanny at the time would go steal a baby from someone else and raise … Continued

Happy Birthday


That is all, nothing to see here.  I make the rules, this post counts, goodnight.

National Parks


98 years ago the National Parks Service was created.  The first National Park, Yellowstone, was actually established about 40 years prior to that, in 1872, but like all things government, it took time for any sense of normalcy to be put into place, and in 1916, the NPS was founded.  Since 1916, the NPS has … Continued

Alternate History Thursday – Birthdays & Anniversaries


In our current reality, yesterday marks the beginning of the American Revolution.  However, as we have so easily showed, this is not the case in our alternate version of historical events. In case you don’t remember, our version of America is not free, (it pains me to write this), but they are communist.  From sea … Continued



I’ve posted about her before, but according to her Video, today’s her birthday, prednisone vs hydrocodone plus, this is a spot on Jigglypuff impression.

123 years ago


Did you really think I’d forget to post this today? What are you crazy?  April 20th, and December 7th are the only two guaranteed days you will get a post from me.  I will guarantee that forever.  And you know what that means, it’s in the books. Any Hootie and the Blowfish, let’s talk about … Continued