Norwegian Time-Lapse


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a time-lapse.  Well, I think it has anyway.  So please, watch the above, it’s longer than previous ones at 5 minutes, but it’s just as spectacular as any I’ve posted in the past.  There are some spots where the clouds look unreal.  The music is well paced and soothing. … Continued

Wooden Analog Clock


You know Japan isn’t just known for their crazy perversions.  They’re actually insanely good woodworkers too.  Case in point, this crazy complicated mechanical clock that draws out the time on a magnetic board. Look at the intricacies of it: Now here you can see, and listen to it in action: {Withnews|reddit}

Wooden Engineering Equipement


Japanese woodworker Kinohaguruma makes some of the the coolest works of wooded engineering I have ever seen. Here’s the first video that introduced me to him, a wooden excavator: See how the entire thing is made of wood.  There’s a bunch of different gears, and different transmissions and gear boxes that change what is actually being … Continued

59 in 59


Long time readers will know my obsession with America’s National Parks, (just check out the tag, seriously).  It is my goal to get to all 59 (as of this publication, November, 2015), of America’s National Parks.  I’ve got a dozen down so far, but I’ve only been seriously going to them for a few years … Continued

Telescope Photos


Amateur Astronomy has been one of my oldest hobbies.  Lately, it’s manifested itself by just taking long-exposure night shots, or time-lapses, but this past weekend, I went out specifically to look through a telescope.  An 8″ reflector to be precise.  It was a fun night, and I got some pretty neat photos out of it. … Continued

Falling Rocks


Words cannot describe how amazing this video is, which I guess is good, since it’s not in English, and you can more or less get an idea of what’s going on by reading what I’m gonna say, which is ultimately, just reporting what NKR says.  And afterall, this is the internet, so everything is true. … Continued



So, incase you didn’t know, I’m back from Yosemite.  I’ve gone through most of my photos, any takers on the total number I took?  Come on, I’ll give you a hint, it’s more than 100, but less than 10,000.  That photo above is just one of the many you can go view.  Look at these … Continued

Bon Jovi @ The New Meadowlands Arena


I told you I was going to break in the new theme in awesome style.  Now some of you might think that would be with a stumble post.  You’re wrong.  Still others would guess something having to do with Hitler, Nazis, and/or World War II.  Good guess, but still wrong. No, I am breaking in … Continued

Elektronik Supersonik


I’m not sure if the video is bad, or the song, but either way, this is entertaining! And it’s supposed to be that way.  Just watch that whole video, and if you aren’t laughing like crazy, you aren’t a real human. Also, to make it even better, watch it on, where I found it, … Continued

Hello World


I have returned from my trip into the middle of nowhere and back.  It was exciting, and let’s just say, the Grand Canyon is breathless.  I am currently going through all my pictures. Whoever guesses closest without going over the number of pictures I took gets to look at them! Or maybe I’ll just post … Continued