360° DSLR


You know that I love 360° video and photo.  I think it’s the next big thing in the world of photography.  Up until now the only way to get really high quality content was to attach multiple cameras together in rigs and stitch the resulting footage after the fact.  That’s all changing now.  Sphere is a new lens that takes a full 360° by 180° image in a single frame.

This looks like it could be a game changer.  However, it looks like it will cost just as much money as a multi-camera rig.  Unfortunately most modern affordable DSLRs do not shoot 4K video (the photos themselves are over 4K resolution), and 360° is best viewed in the highest resolution possible, usually 4K is a minimum requirement.  However, since it’s a lens, as camera technology improves over time, this lens will still be useful.

No pricing is announced, you have to make inquiries.  You can rent it out though.  Something I might be interested in doing one day.

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A Super Fast GoPro!


YouTube users Sam and Niko together with their team at Corridor Digital 3-D printed an arrow casing for a GoPro.  They then placed it into an air cannon and fired it. It went better than expected.  The initial launch was successful, but the follow up straight up resulted in a broken GoPro. Not to worry, they had extras so they tried again.  They calculated the speed to be about 84 miles per hour.  Though, I don’t like their usage of Google Maps to estimate the distance the GoPro traveled.  It was only about 400 feet, they were in a field, they could have easily measured that themselves.  Anyway, that’s the difference between real scientists, and people having fun.

After it was all said and done, they stabilized the video.  You can see that towards the end above.  It’s not terrible, though it is nauseating to watch I think.  I’d rather watch the native one personally.  They could probably fix this by changing the aspect ration the camera shoots to square, or more square than the 1080p or 4k quality it’s currently set at.

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Tap Dancing Machine


Instructables user grandpapaning has built this pretty neat tap-dancing robot.  In actuality, it serves no purpose whatsoever.  In practice though, it’s a great way to teach people about the different areas of science – Electricity, electronics, mechanical design, turning electrical signals into physical forces.  In general, lots of stuff.  It’s all pretty neat really.  There’s still time left in this Christmas vacation.  Maybe you should look at building this useless thing.


Modern Organs


Wendell Kapustiak built a modern Pipe Organ.  Modern in the sense that naturally, it’s computer controlled.  The air is supplied by a modified server cooling fan. The keys are played by an Arduino.  And the songs are chosen by a web interfaced run on a Rasberry Pi.

It is pretty neat, I will give him that.  I do like that he used wood for the pipes.  The PVC pipes that lead to the valves though look horrible, that’s just like my opinion though.  Overall, the entire thing is better than something I could build.  I like it.

If that’s not enough Organ Pipes for you, you can head over to the National Monument in Arizona – no relation.


Fully Auto Snowball Machine Gun


Hopefully this coming winter will be better then last and something like a the above video.  Hopefully…

The system itself is pretty simple, take a back mounted leaf blower attach some cut PVC with a plunger on it to a Y on the hose.  Then push some pre-made snowballs in and watch the carnage.  I like it.  Like I said though, hopefully this winter will get nice and snowy so that we can implement it.

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Music a Day


This is a unique take on the “do something every day for a year” trend that crops up every so often on the internet.  Paul Delgado decided to record himself singing two notes from Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 every day.  Each one of these one second of videos was then sliced together into the the above video.  It can get pretty intense into the video, but it’s worth the watch.  I’m equally as impressed at the amount of the world he was able to cover in just 11 months.

The new year is about to start, this is the perfect time to come up with your own answer to this awesome idea.  Get to it friends.

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