Rogue One


My worst fears are coming true.  That is the above trailer for the first spin off of the Star Wars franchise.  Tell me, does it look like a traditional Star Wars film?  Come on, answer that question honestly.  If you removed the obviously Star Wars things, TIE Fighters, and Storm Troopers, what do you have?  A generic space action movie.  There’s no sense of wonder, there’s no sense of adventure.  I get it, this is an off shoot of the main story line, but it bears the Star Wars name, I hate to say it, but that used to mean something back in the day.  Yes, even if you take the prequel series into account, those trailers made you excited.  The final films might not have been up to your (and I say your because plenty of people actually did like them) standards, but the trailers were something else.

This trailer for Rogue One, it doesn’t invoke Star Wars to me.  And that’s a big problem.  It’s already visible in what’s happening to the Marvel films, and it will happen to Star Wars.  The die hard fans (which at one point in my life I was) will spend money on the movies regardless of how good or bad or bland they are, but the general public will be over whelmed, and desensitized to them.

When Episode One was announced it was international news.  When Episode VII was announced, it was international news.  People have waited decades for those two premiers.  Now it will be a yearly occurrence.  Doesn’t that seem to detract from the magic that Star Wars is supposed to convey?

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