Garth Brooks at Yankee Stadium


Garth Brooks did two shows at Yankee Stadium this weekend.  The first time he’s been back to New York since his legendary Central Park show 19 years ago.  I went to both of his shows this weekend.  Yesterday’s included a 3 hour rain delay which only made the show that much better.  Here’s proof: the mythic 3rd verse to Friends in Low Places:

Now, Garth Brooks is my single favorite musician of all time.  So seeing him live after all these years was something I’ve been waiting for my entire life.  I saw him twice at his residency at The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, but that wasn’t the same as his full band live show.  No.  This weekend was great.  And while he didn’t play all the old stuff, and how could he, I still knew the words and sang along and had a blast.

Come back soon Garth.

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