3rd Person Driving


Technology is such an amazing thing now isn’t it?  Using head mounted goggles, not an Oculus Rift this time unfortunately, and a flying drone (I hate that word drone, it’s an RC helicopter that doesn’t cost $5k), a group of British people have put together their own drive a car from the rear view angle.  Apparently it’s harder than Mario Kart would have you believe, even if there are no red shells chasing you.

3rd person view

I think they need to work on the video they’re using.  Up it to an Oculus Rift, ad I think that will help.  The 2nd thing is to get the drone to better line up with the car.  Match the distance from the back of the car better, and the turns.  I also think that they should pipe in the speed of the car, that way it’s easier see how you’re doing.  Regardless, it still looks like fun, and give it a year and I think it could be really get somewhere.  What it would be used for is another question, but hey, that’s not my job.


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