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What a year has it been.  Earlier last year we were in a sad place, a handful of posts a month, maybe a post a week.  It was dark times.  I made it a goal to get double digit post counts each month, and to average 10 posts a month for this year.  I have succeed, and all is good.

Just in the last few weeks of the year, we’ve had a few major milestones, including 2 (two), Wounderful weeks (minimum of one post a day, each day of the week (Monday – Friday)). I’ve also achieved the Center Year Status (100 posts a year).  There’s still a few other achievements to get including:

  • Wicked Wounderful Week (Post a day Sunday – Saturday)
  • Manic Month (Post a day for an entire month)
  • Double Center Year
  • Tripple Center Year
  • Insane Year (365 posts in a year)
  • Double Insane Year (730 posts in a year)

We got some ladders to climb, but I think it’s doable.  My goal for this year is to get at least 180 posts, with maybe even a Wounderful Week a month, that would be ace.  Probably won’t end up happening though, cause those tend to be crazy weeks.

Anyway, 2013 is over, and 2014 is upon us.  One thing I will promise is a few more DIY posts, and much more of our Alternate History timeline.  Yes I ended the reign of the Commie Americans, but that’s the beauty of an alternate reality, there’s never an end.

Goodby 2013, welcome 2014, May the Force be With you.


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