I gotta say, that was pretty strange.  It looks like a bear, alot like a bear.  That being said, I probably would have run away if is pfizer viagra available in india it was a bear, they are deadly.  But the shot of the arms, yea, I would have bolted out of there as fast as I … Continued

Die Hard – The Music Video


This video is officially the greatest internet video of all time.  Better then The Void, or The Void II, Charlie the Unicorn, that elephant video from last week, Rap Chop, ALL the pokemon.  Everyone.  This is the greatest internet video ever.  It will never be topped, cost viagra cialis it can only be equaled. What … Continued

City on Fire


City on Fire from E Kital on Vimeo. At first you’re watching this thinking, ok, Viagra canadian scam it’s another boring Time-lapse of a cityscape, then BAM! The world goes crazy! really worth the watch, i guarantee it.

Wobbly Planes


The music is eerie, and such a poor choice I think.  Also, there’s no reason it needs to be so long. But anyway, what you just watched (or partially watched), was a time-lapse video of planes landing on the same runway at London Heathrow Airport.  The clouds constantly moving in the background gives the illusion … Continued

Sandy 2


Sandy’s gone, but her destruction still lingers. Here’s a pretty quiet time-lapse that shows Lower Manhattan from Sunday afternoon into Tuesday afternoon. It’s crazy. What can you expect from a storm that’s 1,000 miles wide? Also, you should watch this video of Billy were can i order a real viagra Joel: I can’t say that … Continued

Ivy Mike


It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen, the 60th anniversary of the detonation of Ivy Mike, and the grand entrance into the age of the fusion bomb. I think it’s still too early to go for a repost of all that is Ivy Mike, so I will keep it prednisone buy short and sweet and leave … Continued

You got a Elephant?


I got space. This is a bus! You know how big a bus is? This might be as old as the hills, but that doesn’t change it from being as funny as a barrel of monkeys.  And yes, I am aware that that analogy makes almost no misoprostol and best price sense, deal with it.



I don’t normally post posts about the generic propecia weather, unless it’s something big and amazing.  Hurricane Sandy happens to be one of those times. Last year Irene hit the area alright, but this year Sandy seems to be the bigger event.  Mostly because it has the chance to turn into a Hurricane/Snow storm.  As … Continued

Microwave Fun


Those who know me know that I got my start in the internet from a Microwave.  Many an hour was spent looking for things to microwave and what would happen to them when they went in.  My friends.  I have never tried something this dangerous, partly because I wanted to keep my microwave at a … Continued

Hybrid Rocket Engine


The above video makes it seem easy to build one of cost of cipro those.  So naturally I must try building that.  I’m not sure what purpose it would serve, but I must build one, for Science!. {MAKE}