If Earth Had Rings


This is a pretty nice “what if” situation.  What if the Earth had rings like Saturn?  What would major world landmarks look like with rings in the background?  What would the night sky look like?

YouTube user T0R0YD took the guesswork out of it and made some renderings with rings in the sky.  He did a pretty basic idea which was just taking Saturn’s rings and putting them around the Earth.  That’s all good and dandy, but the odds of a ring system that massive forming around a planet this small are tiny.  I think it would have been better to have a smaller ring system, or at least one or two different ones.

I think it would also be cool if we then changed the angle of the Earth’s tilt, or changed the latitude of where the rings went around the earth.  Then while we’re at it, let’s change where the moon is, and how it interacts with the rings, and stuff.  I think we’re onto something here.

I do like the idea though, and perhaps in another reality the Earth was just alittle bigger, and we got a ring system to form.  Or better yet, let’s make an artificial ring system.

Yea, we can make an artificial ring system, of various different materials, so that it reflects the light at different times, and in different weather.  Then make it of various thickness and stuff,


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