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Barcodes should be like this

Why do barcodes need to be all straight lines and boring like they are.  They haven’t changed in 50 years or so, they’re boring, and make otherwise nice stuff crappy looking.  More companies should take this route, and get some design in their barcodes.  I would buy something that had a barcode like that on it.

I think the City and the waterfall one are my favorite.  And to be honest, I’m surprised that Disney World doesn’t employ the castle one, cause that’s what that one reminds me of.

Anyway, hopefully American companies will change their ways…

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  1. Brandon
    A cool packaging idea would be to have a package with pinstripes, say in like blue, and then a strip on the right in black for the barcode. Looks nice too
  2. Brandon
    on second thought, maybe in red because since readers scan in red, it would be better.
    1. steve
      i think that's overkill personally

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