Current stats for The Robot Army


Look at those stats.  Lucky for me I live in America, we’re at the low, low end of that chart which is good because it means we have longer to live.  Obviously Japan will be the first to succumb to the robot overlords, but it’s ok, as far as we know, the robots still can’t protect themselves from an EMP blast, and America has plenty of nukes to go around.

In fact, all of Asia itself is a trouble spot, I would worry that things could start going south there at any moment.  Luckily Japan is an island nation, and we will have some advanced warning of any pending invasion of the mainland.  Our navy could cut them off and prevent some deaths depending on the advancements of the robots.  If all goes well though, we should be able to block off our country and some others that want it.  Unfortunately, the only way to truly remove the threat the robots pose is to destroy them all before they gain sentience, that is an issue.


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