The Truth About Steve


 Unlike some of the other rants, and posts I have made in the past, this is all a spur of the moment thing related to some comments, on The Creepiest Tree Ever post, specifically, the second one, about my line that I would kill the artist who made it.

Well, this post right now is to tell you that I will never apologize for anything I say in any blog post, or comment ever.  I will never rethink something because it may sound extreme, this is exactly why I went through posting the How to End Human Life on Earth.  Chris told me that maybe I shouldn’t, but I will not remove it, or edit it, this is the internet, and I live in America, freedom of speech is one of my rights, and I will use it however I want.

In Connor's second thesis it is stated 'There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.'  Does the routine destroy our creativity or do we lose creativity and fall into the routine?  Anyway, who's up for a road trip!

xkcd, my favorite online webcomic, ran the above comic some time ago, and it is my all time favorite one.  It sums up all of my beliefs on this topic very well, and anyone who asks from now on I will refer them to that comic.

I am Steve, this is me, and I will never change.  I do not care that in 2 years I don’t get a job because of my vocal beliefs on how the education system is messed up.  I do not care if in 1 year I am taken in for questioning regarding my attitude towards the Robot Apocalypse (it’s coming, we must stop it).  I have no intention of ever running for any political office (unless you consider world dictator political , but I’ll be dictator, that means I don’t care what you think, I’d just kill you), so none of these posts can come back and haunt me in 20 years when I don’t try and run for President.  So there is no valid argument as to why I should “water down,” as the comic says, ideas in my posts.

I hope this is why you read this blog, because you know you will always get my 111% honest opinion about what I post about.  I can’t say that for some of the other sites out there, but I can’t make accusations either.  All I will say is that as long as I am free to write whatever I want, I will indulge in that freedom.

Good day, and good night.

3 responses to “The Truth About Steve

  1. RIGHT ON!! I’ve been fighting the freedom of speech battle at work lately — So your attitude just gave me the boost to fight on!

  2. This is a straw man. No one ever spoke of taking away your freedom of speech. No one even suggested you should apologize.

    Just as you can say what you please, the rest of us can call you a dickwad for saying it. And this particular post, in all its “I will never change” adolescent rally call glory, just further justifies the aforementioned branding.

  3. @Roger, glad i could help

    @Z_3 \times Z_2 maybe you havent read all the comments on all the places for example, Digg, Reddit, Stumble, and the actual post itself, but my two lines about the Creepy Tree seemed to get on the nerves of a number of people, and that’s that response i saw from it, maybe i’m wrong, but whatever it’s too late now.
    If you want to call me a dickwad go ahead, I don’t know you, and its likely i’ll never met you, so whatever, if you want to base your opinion of me based on one article you read fine, that’s your right, i wont try and change it.

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