Scientists Know Nothing


This article is slightly interesting. I say slightly because it does have a slight scientific bases to it, but the rest of it is all made up fear mongering. The gist of it that I’m sure to the casual reader is “If we don’t fix our planet soon, it will turn into Venus, hot and completely uninhabitable.” Well, besides the fact that this is completely wrong, it’s also just funny to think.

But less on that, and more on this line form the ver end of the article (on page 2, internet articles should never ever be split up into more then one page, stop it now, there is infinite space on the internet, maybe if you got rid of some of the ads that take up 3/4 of the page it would “fit” better in your website, which isn’t even that pretty)

“Venus has quite recently completely changed its surface,” said Svedhem. “Some event completely changed everything – this is a strange process we do not completely understand.”

Basically, they say that there are things they don’t understand about the planet, and cosmic events at all, yet they are positive, that  run away green house gases caused Venus to heat up to 500°r; and loose all chance of supporting (earth-like anyway) life.

Scientists, stop pretending to know things that you clearly do not know, and maybe one day you will be able to figure them out.  The sooner you realize that things don’t need to be 100% like earth (i.e. need water, oxygen, and is carbon based) to support life, the sooner you will find it.
Also, Global warming is fake, more on that when I get in the time to write a longer post.

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  1. I think you’re confusing the spin media puts on studies; obviously, they go for the most outrageous or thought-provoking stuff. A thing they love to do is that they almost routinely claim new theories as truths even if the theories are merely speculative. Another example of media simplifying scientific research is the bias on “carbon chauvi” extraterrestrial life – no realistic scientist would ever claim only earthlike life is possible. It’s just that since we know our planet can support life, it’s easy to narrow down potential planets by picking only the planets that resemble Earth.

    I do agree with you on alarmist global warming stuff, though. But I wouldn’t say it’s fake (at least yet). To me avoiding greenhouse gases and pollution is something akin to avoiding unhealthy food; even if you don’t necessarily prevent cancer by eating green food: it still keeps you from becoming fat. Similarly, going green with emissions etc. quite probably is beneficial in the long term even if you didn’t need to do that right now.

  2. @kb
    i know what the media does, and i know they spin stories very well, very much towards the opinion they want us to have. That is why i don’t usually pay attention to them. However, most people in the country do, and they need some guidance.

    As for global warming, your stance is good, and for the most part i agree, driving a hybrid car can’t hurt the environment, even if global warming is all BS to begin with.

    couldn’t have said it clearer.

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