Colbert’s Cast


You probably don’t know, but Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central’s The Coblert Report broke his wrist in lat June. Well tonight he got his cast off, and to celebrate, he’s auctioning off the cast on eBay, signed by many famous people such as Catie Couric, Michael Bloomberg and Bill O’Reilly.

And while 100% of the proceeds go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, i think this is disgusting. You are buying something that was on someone’s wrist for almost 2 months. It probably smells, its got marks on it (not counting the signatures) and who knows what else. What kindof conversation piece is that?

Don’t get me wrong Stephen Colbert is a good guy, but, this is just too crazy, even for me.

At last check the auction was already over $70,000. For that much Stephen Colbert better personally deliver that thing to me.
And here’s a reason to post this video:[/vide]

Just skip to 3:20 into the video, thats one of the best lines from The Colbert Report i’ve heard.

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