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So, what’s the point of the wireless sensor bar if i already made an extension cable below?

Well, for starters, i made that extension cable, last week, i made the wireless bar, today. (i had planned on making a wirless bar from the begining, but, the leds i ordered didnt come in till today.) Anyway, It’s really easy to make a wireless sensor bar, although not as fast, and not as cheap.

Full instructions after the click:

What you’ll need, 4 IR LEDs that you can get at Radioshack for $1.60, or you can buy on ebay at 30 for $8.00 like i did.

Then you’ll need a 4 cell AA battery holder, some more cheap wire, (we used Cat-5 cable, cause we have lots of that).  You also need some solder, and a piece of wood/cardboard/stiff material that’s about 8 inches long.
First i measured the distance between the middle of the sensors on the stock bar, that turned out to be 8 inches, that’s important, but not right now.  Next you have to decide how many LEDs you want to put on each side, this will mostly go by how much you are willing to spend/how many you have.  I decided that 3 per side would be fine.  So that’s what i choose.  Now, i got a circuit board thing to connect the LEDs to to make it easier, but this is in no way required.  Then we soldered 3 LEDs in series next to each other, and made 2 of those.  The we hot glued one to a piece of scrap wood we had:

Then take one of the 4 AA battery holders and connect a wire to the positive, and negative ends it has:

(sorry about the crapyness of the photos, it was all done in about 15 minutes.)

This is where the 8 inches comes into play.  From the middle of the LEDs you hot glued to the end, measure 8 inches and hot glue the other LED assembly there.
Connect the wires in the correct order so that it’s a series circuit. and pick a place to hot glue the battery holder.

Now just put some batteries in, and try it out.

Now, as it turns out, i can’t do simple math, and we didn’t have enough current for 6 LEDs, so we just cut one off of one end, and it worked fine.  We tired it out, and it didn’t impede the movement of the Wiimote.   We also decided that a switch was a good idea to include into it, so that we don’t drain the batteries when we’re not using it.

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  1. yes, i searched all the internet for this, but how can i connect a homemade sensorbar to the wii??

    please reply (by mail)

    P.S. nice project 😉

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