Stumbleupon is quite possibly my new favorite website.It is a social site where you sign up, make a profile, and give some interests. Then upon installing the Stumbleupon toolbar (for Firefox & IE) you stumble to new sites that follow your topics of interest. There are over 500 topics ranging from Sports, to Apple, to Terrorism (no, I’m really not kidding), to Knitting.

You are not limited to the number of topics you choose to say you like, and you can add/subtract more at any time by going to your preferences. You can also stumble for certain things by typing them into the search box and the stumbling.

Sites are rated in a simple fashion, thumbs up/thumbs down by other users. When you see a site you like, give it a thumbs up, and keep on going. It’s rather simple and ingenious actually.

And rating sites is not only limited to the simple “thumbs up/thumbs down” system, you can go add a review of a page if you like it enough, or dislike it. Reviews are simple and easy to do by clicking the speech bubble icon next to the thumbs, it brings you to that site’s “stumble page” where you can view what other people said about it, who liked/disliked it, the date it was first stumbled, and how much stumble activity it’s been receiving.

And since its a social site, your friends can sign up, and, in the great fashion of the internet, you can make random friends with strangers, (check me out, lord-xeon if you want, its all cool). And you can do more then just have friends, you can suggest sites to them rather simply with the click of a mouse by pulling down the share button, and clicking their name (you can only send sites to your friends).

When you sign up, you can create a profile (like most sites now) and with that you can connect to other people through friends, groups, and interests. The profile contains basic info about you that you don’t have to give, and is not required to get Stumbleupon working, it just helps you meet random strangers online better didn’t you know that?

Personally, I have used stumble-upon for hours upon discovering countless new sites, as of this writing, I have found 700+ “thumbs up” sites. It is a very extensive program, and I love it, you should go sign up for it now, cause its just that amazing.

The only negatives i have to say about this is communicating with fiends feature. Me and mike spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to use the inbox, and then decided that we a. live in the same room, and b. both on Google Talk all the time so another im/email thing was unnecessary. Another thing is receiving stumbles from friends. When you receive a stumble from a friend there is a red number inbetween the Stumble button, and the All button

If you’re stumbling for a few hours (something that is not hard to do) and your friend only sent you one thing, then the number would be there, and then disappear in the click of a mouse, and you’d never know someone sent you something unless you looked at the friend’s button, where it tells you who suggested it to you. Now, I don’t know what they could to to make it easier to tell if someone sent you something without it being a nuisance, but, its one thing that could be fixed maybe.

update: helo stumblers, how are you? how do you like my review? leave me a note thanks!

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  1. If you lose a stumble comment in the Firefox browser, open IE simultaneously (make sure you have the SU toolbar installed in it). It will have the stumbles you’re currently in in Firefox, but the comments show differently, as a bubble over the Friends icon. This will disappear in a few seconds, but just hover your cursor on it and it’ll come back as many times as it takes. There’s no reply button, but that’s pretty new to Firefox anyway. Just stumble your comment back the old-fashioned way.

  2. Hey SU is great, I just stumbled here, and I can say that its easier when someone sends you a stumble if they include a comment with it, now with a reply button too… but you are right without the comment banner you can stumble away a sent page perhaps too easily
    SU’s Post message service isn’t sophisticated, but its a very good way of chatting to strangers without giving away your email, or IM details –
    although I know a number of female stumblers who find the number of SU PM’s they can receive overwhelming at times
    overall SU – I like it

  3. -charles, thats true, when my friends send me comments with the stumbles, i notice them easier.

    -Malory, i try to stay away from IE as much as possible, although, i did install IE 7, and am “trying it out” but i haven’t had the issue of closing ff, and loosing the comment yet.

    i dont get many su pm’s but then again im a guy, i know a few girls on it, but they havent complained.

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