Puzzle Blueprints


You’ve all seen these classic puzzles.  They have a objective, disassemble the locked rings, or make a shape using only 3 of the 4 pieces.  Well, have you ever wondered how they are made?  You’re in luck, William L. Hunter drew up some blueprints for a dozen or so of these different mind puzzles.  You can print them out and follow them to make your own puzzle, or just frame them yourself.

wiggly block

square block

Take a look at the full imgur album to get some ideas.  It looks and sounds like these images came from this book: Wood-turning problems in blueprint form.  Sadly, Amazon doesn’t list it in stock, nor is another of William L. Hunter’s books available.


1,000 FPS drone video


Common knowledge on commercial drones is that they are small, and light.  The Phantom 4k camera is large, and heavy.  How do you go about combining the two together?  By making a custom rig to mount the camera in and attaching it to a large Aerigon UAV.

Together with a lens, the camera & rig were estimated to weigh 30lbs, which is ridiculously heavy for the average drone.  However, with this setup, they were able to take 4k, 1,000 frames per second video of a photo shoot of driving a truck through mud and puddles.  Seeing as these guys are based out of Jackson, Wyoming, it’s really simple for them to drive a few miles up the road into Grand Teton National Park, and get some crazy awesome resolution videos of there.  Spring is coming, so there’s avalanches, and waterfalls, and rivers and young animals to catch.  this should be fun.

Watch the video of them in action:

{Peta Pixel|Engadget}

Fish Coffee


Tank, Table.

Fish Tank Coffee

Instructables user fellc has created this neat Coffee Table, with a fish tank in it.  You know I have a think for Coffee Tables, and for DIY projects, hell, even ace fish tanks.

He’s made a 6 step instructable detailing his process.  He’s using a 30 gallon tank that he already had, and spent about $350 on the materials building it, the most expensive item was the 2 foot by 4 foot by 3/8 inch thick glass top.  He says he’s using plate glass though, that could be a problem, tempered glass would be much better.

fish tank build

While it’s no house-sized aquarium, it’s still pretty ace, specifically because he built it all himself.

Tetris Lights


It’s been far too long since I’ve posted something regarding Tetris.  That ends right now.  Online shopping website, vat19 has an officially licensed Tetris light set for $40.  You can skip the first 30 seconds or so of the below video, it’s not necessary.  What is cool though is the way it works.  The power of low-voltage electricity allows the metal edges to conduct the power so that you can endlessly re-arrange the pieces in countless different ways.  No word though on if all the lights turn off if you create a perfect rectangle. {imgur}

Book Tower


reddit user normaldesign came up with a novel way to re-use damaged, un-sellable books, and spice up his office environment.

book pillar

He cut a template out of the book to make it just an “L”, then he glued them to the pillar behind his desk.  It makes the office alittle more chill.  It helps that the company he works for is a publishing house, so they often get books back from stores that arrived damaged.  Now, the definition of “damaged” is stretched in many cases, but unfortunately, this is the world we live in.  Unable to sell these books, the are destined to be destroyed some way, might as well spice up the office in the process.  Also, before you go and complain that this is misuse of books, or destruction of perfectly good books, remember, these books were going to be destroyed anyway.

book cuts

Check out the entire imgur album here, he goes over the process, and takes some before and after pictures.  It’s quite nice, and not very long either.

Up, Up, and Away!


This video is hard to believe.  Hard to believe it’s not something from a movie, it’s too perfect.  But here it is in all it’s glory:

In case you can’t figure out what’s going on here’s the gist, a truck carrying a suicide bomber was traveling along a highway when it hit an IED in the road.  The truck was hurled into the air some 100 feet or so.  Then, due to forces inside the truck, the bomb went off.  It was timed perfectly so that it went of right at the apex of the truck’s launch.  There’s probably a reason for that – when gravity took a hold on the truck, the bomb hit something that caused it to explode.

Still, had there not been a video of this, you never would have believed that it happened in real life.




Impact Crater

Have you ever wondered what happens underground when you drop something.  Or when a meteor, or comet, or missile impacts the surface of the planet (when it even makes it to the planet’s surface that is)?  I mean, the surface of the earth is easy, we have a couple of decades of nuclear blast testing to show that.  But the underground effects, those are alittle harder to see.  Yes, we did do some underground nuclear tests, but those were mostly to just confirm that the bombs worked.

Well, scientists have done experiments to show what goes on.  Using a high speed camera and special polarizing lenses and beads, we can see how the initial impact of a round projectile (more commonly called a ball), dropped effects the surrounding areas.  It’s neat the way the force slowly (or super quickly actually), snakes its way out across the surrounding beads.  The beads work by changing color (behind a polarizing lens) when they are under stress.  So it’s easy to see what’s happening.

Here’s a video showing the above breakdown in a better format:

{Science World Report|Duke|Paper}

National Park Week 2015


NPS Logo

The National Park Service is having their annual celebration of themselves for the week of April 18, through April 26th.  This year marks the 99th year of the service.  Some of the Parks themselves are over 100 years old, the oldest, Yellowstone, from the 1872.  Yosemite was protected 8 years prior, but it wasn’t federalized until 1890, and the park service itself wasn’t created until 1916.

Any Hootie and the Blowfish, this week, the NPS is going to celebrate themselves.  This weekend, April 18th and 19th, all parks in the system are free to enter.  I’m giving you guys plenty of notice, so you should plan a trip to one of the parks this weekend.  There are 59 parks, 79 monuments, 31 memorials, and about 250 other historic sites, sea & lake shores and other areas that the NPS governs.  In case you can’t get to them over the weekend, most of the places don’t charge an entrance fee, and the ones that do, are A. worth it, B. not so expensive.

Please, take this time to visit the greatest things that the US Government has created.  Support them so that in the future, these beautiful natural and historical features are still around for everyone to enjoy.


Paper Stained Glass


Eric Standley makes stained glass type works of art. That’s not strange in and of itself.  What is strange is the medium he uses to do it.  Stacked paper cut with LASERs.
Here he talks about how he came up with this idea, and how he gets future ideas of what to construct.

paper glass 1

Look at the depth there, it’s incredible.  The intricate nature of the cuts is only possible using a LASER, that’s for sure.  These types of art though belong behind glass, not only for the fragileness of them, but because if they got dusty, you’d never be able to clean them.  I guess the nice thing about them being manufactured by a LASER cutter is that the templates could be stored, so if a sheet were damaged, it could be replaced.  But seeing as how he’s selling these works of art, he should be destroying the files when he’s finished, this way they truly are one of a kind.


Cooking Fast and Fresh


If you ever wanted to know how to cook from the mind of a toddler, Cooking Fast and Fresh with West is the way to go.  Misha Collins takes his son shopping for dinner.  Whatever West picks out at the store, that’s what they buy.  Then together, they cook it up for dinner.  There are 4 episodes, they are great.  Some people say that this is a waste of food, that’s not really true though.  And I don’t really feel like going into why everything about these videos is a good idea.

I like how Misha is able to hold a straight face throughout the entire processes.  In 15 years time this kid is going to have some really great videos to look back on.  Really great.

So, sometime this week, try out one of West’s recipe’s, let me know how it is.