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Death Star Trench Run

Death Star Trench Run

Every Star Wars game is required to have 2 specific levels.  Hoth, and The Death Star Trench Run.  One of those levels is finally made for the browser.  Here’s a WebGL enabled Death Star Trench run.  And yes, it is ridiculously hard to play.  Especially when the images don’t load for you.  I have yet to make it far enough to need to use the blasters, but I assume they are there for something, and not just for show.

Death Star Trench Run 2

Alternate History Thursday – Invasions


The above photos is how it happened in our version of history.  Below, we will see how it went down in our alternate history

Really, it wasn’t Poland that was invaded, it was just England, being it’s colonizing self that the European powers wanted to stop.  First they started in Africa, then they moved into Australia, and India, slowly moving upwards and inwards towards the small island of England itself.  You wouldn’t think that a tiny island in the North Atlantic could have an empire that spanned the entire world, but they did.  But then again, on the other side of the  the Atlantic was an equally as powerful nation that had gone on their own colonization spree, except this was against primitive natives, not equal western civilizations, to it was OK.

But it wasn’t communism is never OK.

I have nothing else to say about that.


Milky Way

NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day the other day was a beautiful multi-shot panorama of the Milky Way over Yellowstone National Park.  When I was there back in June, it was durring the Full Moon, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to see anything as beautiful as this.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back there eventually, and I’ll plan my trip better and show up when there’s no moon.


Judgment Day

Three billion human lives ended on August 29th, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgment Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare: the war against the machines. The computer which controlled the machines, Skynet, sent two Terminators back through time. Their mission: to destroy the leader of the human resistance, John Connor, my son. The first Terminator was programmed to strike at me in the year 1984, before John was born. It failed. The second was set to strike at John himself when he was still a child. As before, the resistance was able to send a lone warrior, a protector for John. It was just a question of which one of them would reach him first.



If it weren’t for the brave heroics of a machine, the above photo would not have been from a test, but rather the actual missiles themselves.  Yes,  at 02:14 A.M. Eastern time, on August 29, 1997, Skynet became self-aware.  Through the technological advancements of the machines, time travel was invented.

The Terminator, was released 30 years ago, it wasn’t until Terminator 2: Judgement Day that a date was set for the actual day of judgement.  And as I stated earlier, that date is today.  If you are reading this, it means that we have successfully gone another year without Skynet becoming active.  Another year of the heroic sacrifice of The T-800.

But, lest we forget, each year we get closer to making the machines that will be our eventual downfall.  As we speak nano-bots are being researched.  Under the guise of battling (currently) incurable diseases, money is being funneled into their research and development every day.  Nothing can go wrong they say, it’s for the greater good, you’ll lives will be easier.

Don’t listen to them.  If anything this is what we as a species have the most to fear from.  Self-aware, intelligent self-replicating robotic entities are dangerous.  They are scary, they are not to be messed with.  I know I have many fears, and intangible advice, but everyone should fear this.

Now, as an aside, take a read at some of this behind the scenes info of the first Terminator film, it’s a pretty good read.


Glass Blowing

How It’s Made.  One of those shows that you don’t realize you’ve watched for 4 hours on a saturday afternoon.  Here we’re seeing glass marbles being made.  Boring marbles are made by a machine, as you would guess.  Cooler marbles are hand made, and as such way cooler.  Seriously, look at that hand made marble with the string and colors in it, pretty ace.

Mike Rowe did a Dirty Jobs segment at a Marble factory.  The ones they made there were different then the hand made one above, pretty cool, and with gold.

{Evil Mad Scientists}


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