Get your Inauguration Coverage Here


No, not here, I’m not live streaming this mess, at Twitter.  Or, through Twitter, specifically at, which redirects you to a place holder page until it starts tomorrow morning.  Do not fear though, you’re getting the PBS News Hour coverage of the event, not some Twitterized view.  Though, don’t worry, I’m sure it will be controversy free and run without a hitch.


Forging A Spatula


I gotta say, while the practicality of this might not be as good as a flimsy one bought at Bed Bath and Beyond, you can rest assured that this hand forged spatula will never fail you.  It’s solid as a rock and will scrape burgers off the grill with ease.  Summer is still 6 months away, this gives you plenty of time to build a forge and figure out for yourself how to actually make it.  I’ll let you exclude the decorative leaf at the end.


HD B&W Storms


Black and White is an often overlooked area of photography.  Especially when time-lapse storm footage is done.  There’s something about shooting in black and white that gives everything a more mysterious, serious, yet fantasy look.  Mike Olbinski shot the entire sequence in black and white.  Yes, there is some post-processing work done, but it’s natural black and white (as natural as a digital camera can be that is).

My favorite sequence is about 2 and a half minutes in, when clouds roll across the sky, then the sun starts coming through, and things get brighter, and more detailed.  I also love watching the clouds for out of nowhere, water vapor collecting, winds combining, clouds being born.  Storms are amazing to watch like this, safe in the comfort of your own home with soothing music playing in the background.

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Cat Drawings


A Hilbert curve is one of those weird things in mathematics.  Does it have any use in real life, or is it just something to theorize about?  Well, this is the modern age, we have the technology to make complex Hilbert curves in real life.  This is also the internet, which is a series of tubes to send cat pictures to each other.

It’s only fitting that someone wrote code, and made a machine to draw a cat inside of a Hilbert Curve.

It’s a really boring video, honestly.

{Evil Mad Scientist|Image2Hilbert}


A Prime end to the Year


You may have noticed that I posted a lot this year.  Quite a lot actually.  The blog hasn’t seen this many posts since 2008.  That’s quite an achievement I must say.  Granted, some of the posts this year have been quite pathetic, and some were delayed due to server reliability issues, but every day had a post.  That was a resolution I made last year.  I’m happy to say that we did it.

2016 has been full of amazing, unexpected things.  Sunset in Yosemite, an Alaskan adventure, a crazy election, and lots of drones.  I do not know what 2017 has in store, I will say this though, the ever increasing number of posts is unsustainable.  Do not expect daily updates tomorrow.  Do not expect the complete shutdown of the site either.  It’s complicated business, though I will still post things.  Trust me, there’s plenty of different alternate history stories I have to tell, including maybe going into more detail from yesterday’s bombshell of a reveal.

Any Hootie and the Blowfish.

Welcome to 2017.  Time to get things going

373 is a prime number.

You are welcome.

360° DSLR


You know that I love 360° video and photo.  I think it’s the next big thing in the world of photography.  Up until now the only way to get really high quality content was to attach multiple cameras together in rigs and stitch the resulting footage after the fact.  That’s all changing now.  Sphere is a new lens that takes a full 360° by 180° image in a single frame.

This looks like it could be a game changer.  However, it looks like it will cost just as much money as a multi-camera rig.  Unfortunately most modern affordable DSLRs do not shoot 4K video (the photos themselves are over 4K resolution), and 360° is best viewed in the highest resolution possible, usually 4K is a minimum requirement.  However, since it’s a lens, as camera technology improves over time, this lens will still be useful.

No pricing is announced, you have to make inquiries.  You can rent it out though.  Something I might be interested in doing one day.

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A Super Fast GoPro!


YouTube users Sam and Niko together with their team at Corridor Digital 3-D printed an arrow casing for a GoPro.  They then placed it into an air cannon and fired it. It went better than expected.  The initial launch was successful, but the follow up straight up resulted in a broken GoPro. Not to worry, they had extras so they tried again.  They calculated the speed to be about 84 miles per hour.  Though, I don’t like their usage of Google Maps to estimate the distance the GoPro traveled.  It was only about 400 feet, they were in a field, they could have easily measured that themselves.  Anyway, that’s the difference between real scientists, and people having fun.

After it was all said and done, they stabilized the video.  You can see that towards the end above.  It’s not terrible, though it is nauseating to watch I think.  I’d rather watch the native one personally.  They could probably fix this by changing the aspect ration the camera shoots to square, or more square than the 1080p or 4k quality it’s currently set at.

{Peta Pixel|Digital Rev}

Tap Dancing Machine


Instructables user grandpapaning has built this pretty neat tap-dancing robot.  In actuality, it serves no purpose whatsoever.  In practice though, it’s a great way to teach people about the different areas of science – Electricity, electronics, mechanical design, turning electrical signals into physical forces.  In general, lots of stuff.  It’s all pretty neat really.  There’s still time left in this Christmas vacation.  Maybe you should look at building this useless thing.