Server Reset


Today marks the first time my server uptime/IP script had to be called into use.  You should be happy to know that we should have only experienced an hour or so of downtime (depending on DNS caching where you are).  Yay for technology!

Interactive Paper



That’s a nice innocent easy to make drawing.

Dutch Artist HuskMitNavn has these really interesting somewhat interactive drawing sculptures on paper that he’s made.


That one’es not bad either.  Ok, the cutting of the toothpaste stream would be challenging, but it would probably only take one try.

cork screw

Yea ok, I don’t know quite how the paper is ripped to get the types of cuts shown above.

I can’t quite find the original source on his site, but he has some interesting stuff there.  Nothing quite as cool as the above drawings though.  Here are some similar ones in a gallery marked Instagram Drawings.  Unfortunately, he has no link to his Instagram account that I can find.


Farewell to Hugh Jackman


Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is one of those castings that just fit perfectly.  His portrayal of the character, his enjoyment of it is something rare in the movie business.  That makes the above trailer all the more sad as it’s his final time playing the pivotal mutant.  The movie, named simply Logan is set in the future, and he is growing old.  There’s a clone of him too apparently.  I don’t know.  I’ve never read the comics, and I’m trying to distance myself following movies too closely before release, it ruins all the suspense.

Jackman’s shoes will be next to impossible to fill, if Fox is smart, they will allow a dozen or so years before they bring back that character into the main stream films.  Unfortunately, for casual fans, Wolverine is the face of X-Men, so that seems unlikely.

Wood Cutting


You don’t need to watch all 30 minutes of this video.  Some parts are well cut while others are static views of control screens.  It is an interesting look at how saw mills are set up to operate.  I’m particularly fond of the giant mills used to cut the giant tree trunks.  Pretty impressive.

More Dominoes


Seriously, watching dominoes fall down is incredibly satisfying.  I think it’s a combination of the noise and the colors to be honest.  While the above video isn’t exactly super technical, it’s quite fun to watch.  Especially the stop motion clean up and setup.


The Birth of a UFO


Gone are the days when these things could be explained away as swamp gas reflecting off the planet Venus.  No, with the advent of cheap, highly maneuverable “drones” people can do all sorts of things.  At night, with a 1,000 watt LED bar attached to the bottom of it, and individually controlled and colored LEDs on each arm, you can create some pretty ace videos.  To a bystander however, they look eerily similar to the traditional UFOs.

I gotta say though, the resulting video is pretty ace.  (That’s twice I’ve used ace in this blog post).  I really like the video of the bridge.  It looks like a render doesn’t it?!

{Hacked Gadgets}

Slow Mo Plane Crash


There’s something about watching videos in slow motion that is super fun.  There’s something about watching a LEGO town get utterly destroyed pretty fun.  Combine the two, and you have some ace footage above.  Capture by the Slow Mo Guys, this showcases two separate attempts to have a LEGO plane “crash” into a town.  Watch it until the ending, you’ll thank me.


Planet Earth II


I never saw the first one, but this looks good.  I’m pretty amazed at some of the footage they were able to capture.  Either they had drones, or super high resolution cameras and then cropped it in very far.  It looks like a good couple of hours to waste when it premiers sometime this year as no date has been announced yet.