What are your Particular Set of Skills?


Liam Neeson, in the character of Brian Mills from the film Taken, will record a video of himself endorsing your particular set of skills, from your own LinkedIn profile.  It’s a pretty neat contest, if one that has no real prize, or entrance whatsoever.  Seriously, all you have to do is follow the instructions here: fox.co/Taken3LinkedIn.com, which ammount to “Follow this page” on LinkedIn.  That’s it.

You got nothing to loose, and on Dec. 24th, when the contest is over, just unfollow the page.  Also, see Taken 3 when it comes out next year.  Or not, I really don’t care.


DIY Fountain Lights


The Fountains of Bellagio are world renowned.  In fact they are probably the one item at Las Vegas that everyone who goes there sees.  Weahter it’s by accident or on purpose, it’s hard to miss them.  I’ve spent much of a summer’s afternoon in front of them watching the different displays, and songs that they used.  They are just that fun.

Well for about $700, Scott Schneider over in Washington has built his own (smaller) version of them.  Using 3 kiddie pools, each with 5 independently powered and lighted jets, he’s able to make his own mini fountain displays.  Couple it with a computer, a custom short range radio broadcaster, 1,200 gallons of water, and you have everything you need to put on a Christmas display to put everyone in awe.

Yes, this was posted 8 months ago, but now is the time of year to watch it, not April.  So that’s why I waited to bring it to your attention.


Stumble Apocalypse


This will end up being the last Stumble post of the year.  I used to have one a month, but sadly, Stumbleupon isn’t what it used to be, and isn’t something that I stay up all night doing anymore.  Many of these pictures come from Imgur, and Reddit now, but I still mix in some stumbles, because it’s still a great way to kill time.

So let’s get down to it, here are you guys ready for another dose of stumbles?


Alternate History Thursday: Pearl Harbor


Did you honestly think that I would forget this day?  Honestly?  Come on now, don’t be silly.

USS West Virginia
USS West Virginia

There’s not much to say regarding this event in our alternate timeline.  Well, there is one major difference, the attack wasn’t on America, it was by America, on the peaceful nation of New Zealand.  New Zealand, being allied with Australia, which in turn was allied with Great Britain, was a dangerous staging post in the Pacific.  You may remember that Britain was determined on world domination, but the world had had enough.  Hitler in Europe, and FDR in America decided to team up against Britain.

Britain wasn’t convinced that America could harm them, afterall, they were surrounded by oceans, but the Communistic American Military was no match for the puny Pacific ocean. They paved the way across the ocean finally landing on New Zealand, and decimated the British outposts there.  Unlike our present reality, in this alternate one, the attacked doesn’t turn around and claim victory a few years later, they stay down.

But, that’s all in another timeline, in this timeline, thousands of Free Americans died on this unprovoked attack by the Empire of Japan.  Remember them, remember the day, let’s make sure it never happens again.

Home Alone Kill Count


Just how many times would Harry & Marv have died in the Home Alone movies?  Well, according to Screen Junkies, Harry would have died 9 times, and Marv 14.  I don’t know if I fully agree with some of their conclusions.  It seems they always went for the worst possible outcome there.  But I guess we’re trying to be realistic here, we’d need at least that many to safely get through the films.  There’s no way you want to make it through 4/5 of the movie, and be stuck with one life left do you?

They also did the greatest film ever to exist: Die Hard


DIY Leather Bound Album


I like to doing things for myself.  Sure it usually means it will be a longer process, it will probably cost more in the long run, and it might not be the best quality, but damnit I made this and that’s what matters to me.  That being said, here is the scrapbook I made for my recent (6 months ago) trip out to Yellowstone & The Grand Tetons.

Scrap Book Cover
Finished Elk Leather Scrap Book

View the full DIY post after the jump (It’s just too much to put on the front page)

Jurassic World


I’m torn over this trailer.  I don’t know what I should be expecting, but the thought of man-made hybrid dinosaurs just doesn’t sit right.  I guess they needed something different from the regular man-made hybrid-frog dinosaurs, but it still seems weird.

I do like the trailer though.  It has a very Spielberg feel too it by not reveling the big bad dion at all.  And the subtle theme playing in the background, that was cool.  The beginning of the trailer, (and the movie I assume) looks great.  John Hammond’s vision has finally come true, it’s a shame he won’t be able to have even a cameo in the film.  The one redeeming factor is that it just has to be better than Jurassic Park 3, which shouldn’t be too hard.

New Clothes


Did you notice the new clothes on the blog today?  Or to be specific, late last night?  Did you notice the speediness of the blog, and the site overall?  I did some early winter cleaning last night on the blog.  That includes:

  • Stripping out megabytes of data from the Database
  • Upgrading some hardware in the server
  • Making a new theme that’s more responsive, and lean

I’m pretty sure I cleaned up everything pretty well.  I know there’s some improvements I can still do on the theme.  There’s a few things from the old theme that I’d like to include, but in the interest of time, I elected to just polish up the current one and get it out.

Let me know what you think below.

Alternate History Thursday – Max Headroom


This isn’t exactly very creepy, but it is pretty interesting.  I like unsolved mysteries like this.  It’s not too creepy, no one was murdered, and it’s an overall fun event.  That being said, it wasn’t completely harmless.  One of the key theories as to how this happened can be traced to an alternate time line.

In late 1990 the technology to travel backwards through time was discovered.  It wasn’t perfected yet, and was really only about sending messages, but it worked, if you could convince someone to believe you that is.  Kind of like that part of 12 Monkeys, you know with the phone call and answering machine?  Well, in 1987, someone tried to convince the general Chicago area of the US of something.  What it was we really weren’t sure, but it was an attempt by humans from an alternate dimension to get us to listen.  Did we listen?  Probably, since backwards time travel hasn’t been invented, so I guess something worked..